Copper roof caps and aluminum roof caps, any metal roof-turret caps.WE make all styles,including standing seam,shapes,pitches and colors.Ball and Mount,NO BALL,BALL SEALED,POINT CAP,OR CAP WITH JUST A 3/4'' WEATHERVANE HOLE IN IT.All metals.!!Quick turn around.Our standard caps are 16'' wide at the base.The height is dictated by your pitch.We can make any height you want.You can also choose any finial,or weathervane that you want us to incorporate into the roof cap.Just call with your choices.
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Brass Accent Turret Cap

Spiked Bell Turret Cap

Square Turret Cap With Ball

Square Turret Cap With Finial

Octagonal Finial Turret Cap

Octagonal Cap with Deluxe Finial

Octagonal Cap with Ornamated Finial

Octagonal Turret Cap With Eagle

Octagonal Turret Cap With Small Eagle

Octagonal Turret Cap w / Eagle

Octagonal Turret Cap With Majestic Eagle

Octagonal Turret Cap With Horse

Replica Flag Weathervane and Turret Cap

Shamrock Banner Weathervane and Cap

Large 60 Turret Cap

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Industrial clear coat

Industrial outdoor clearcoat formulated for protecting copper and brass from tarnishing.
Now Only

Protective Spray Lacquer and polishing cloth

These two products bought together will do the job right.You can polish and preserve the shine on your copper and/or brass item.