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Traditional Golfer Polished

nice traditional golpher weathervane.

Full Size Indian Polished

Nice copper indian weathervane

Full Size Skier Polished

3D Witch Weathervane

Full Size Witch Polished

Full Size Witch Antiqued

Full Size Mermaid Polished

Lamplighter Polished

Full Size Fireman Polished

Full Size Fireman Antiqued

Firemans Helmet Polished

Two Fire Bugles on Arrow Polished

Fire Helmet and Bugle

Full Size Bicycle Polished

Full Size Bicycle Antiqued

Motorcycle Weathervane Polished

Motorcycle Antiqued

Chopper Weathervane

Lighthouse Polished

Lighthouse on Arrow

Dragon and Light House Weathervane

Locomotive Polished Weathervane

Lo-Wing Plane Polished

Hi-Wing Plane Polished

Hi-Wing Plane Antiqued

Full Size Biplane Polished

Full Size Biplane Antiqued

Full Size Old Tyme Car Polished

Full Size Old Time Car Antiqued

Old Tyme Car on Arrow

Roadster on arrow with directionals

Pineapple Weathervane Polished

Pineapple Weathervane Antiqued

Full Size Saw Polished

Full Size Saw Antiqued

Moon-Star-Sun Polished

Moon-Star-Sun Antiqued

Pine Trees Polished

Pine Trees Antiqued

Schooner Polished

Schooner Antiqued

Full Size Small Sailboat Polished

Full Size Small Sailboat Antiqued

Large Sailboat Polished

Large Sailboat Antiqued

Sailboat and Arrow with Green Balls

Sailboat Arrow and Directioanals

Full Size Small Sloop Polished

Full Size Small Sloop Weathervane

Large Sloop Polished