These specially designed traditional and more contemporary sculptures are made of COPPER and BRASS. Any questions call: 1-877-782-8837.ALL PARTS INCLUDED.


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Frog Weathervane


Crab on Arrow Weathervane

Temporarily of of stock

Small Lobster With Directionals

Large Lobster With Directionals

Majestic Owl

Majestic Rooster

Grand large Majestic barn Rooster



3D Rooster Weathervane

Full Size Barn Rooster Polished

Full Size Barn Rooster Antiqued

Full Size Crowing Rooster Polished

Full Size Crowing Rooster Antiqued

Full Size Rooster Antiqued

Full Size Large Rooster Polished

Full Size Large Rooster Antiqued

Rooster Polished

Rooster Antiqued

Flat Tail Rooster Polished

Flat Tail Large Rooster Polished

Flat Tail Large Rooster Antiqued

Now Only

Eagle and Fish Weathervane

Full Size Eagle Polished

Full Size Eagle Antiqued

Proud Eagle Polished

Proud Eagle Antiqued

Now Only

Eagle in flight

Classic Eagle Antiqued

Attack Eagle Polished

Attack Eagle Antiqued

Large Polished Attack Eagle

Large Antiqued Attack Eagle

Large Eagle Polished

Large Eagle Antiqued

Large Polished Grand Eagle

Large Antiqued Grand Eagle

Mother Bird and Chicks Polished

Mother Bird and Chicks Antiqued

3D Swan Weathervane

Full Size 3 Geese In Flight Polished

Full Size 3 Geese In Flight Antiqued

Large Polished 3 Geese In Flight

Large Antiqued 3 Geese In Flight

Three Geese in Flight on Arrow

Three Geese In Flight


Two Geese In Flight


Ascending Goose Polished

Ascending Goose Antiqued