Aluminum weathervanes $88.99-$179.99

Beautifully painted cast aluminum. Easy installation, mountings of lifetime aluminum. Any questions call 1-877-782-8837. Scroll down to view more weathervanes.
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Black Satin Duck

Black Satin Sailboat

Black Satin Eagle

Black Satin Country Doctor

Black Satin Horse

Black Satin Cow

Black Satin Rooster

Black Satin Pheasant

Black Satin Pig

Black Satin Retriever

Locomotive CWV

Pheasant CWV

Cardinal CWV

Bass CWV

Buck CWV

Green Tractor CWV

Red Tractor CWV

Orange Tractor CWV

Mare and Colt CWV

Retriever CWV

Duck CWV

Sailboat CWV

Eagle CWV

Country Doctor CWV

Horse CWV


Rooster CWV



Whale CWV

Lamp Lighter CWV

Fireman CWV

Cow Over The Moon Garden Weathervane

Flying Witch Garden Weathervane

Tortise and Hare Garden Weathervane

Big Bad Wolf Garden Weathervane

Butterfly Garden Weathervane

Cherub Garden Weathervane

Rooster 24

Eagle 24

Duck 24

Pheasant 24

Retriever 24

Pig 24

Cow 24

Horse 24

Country Doctor

Sailboat 24