-Custom weathervanes

AA Statuary-Weathervane Company can create custom weathervanes that you can afford.Just call with your ideas or send an email image of what you want us to make.. We'll  work with you and give you and estimate for your personalized weathervane.

Call toll free 1-877-782-8837 for more information.

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Custom Weathervanes To Order

NV Homes Arrow Weathervane

Pro Built Custom Weathervane

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Custom order call us at 1-877-782-8837

Oil Truck Weathervane

3D Car on Arrow

Trojan Warrier With Spear on Arrow

Kingfisher on Arrow Weathervane

52'' Bull and Claw Large Weathervane

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Dental Care Weathervane

Corgi dog on Arrow Weathervane

Dragon and Light House Weathervane

Bat Weather Vane with Dirctionals